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It is recommended to change the oil in your vehicle after it covers 3,000 miles so that your engine lasts for a longer period. Oil change at regular intervals maintains maximum gas mileage of your automobile.

For your information, oil lubricates all the operating metal components in your engine. With time passing by, the oil in your vehicle turns black in color from carbon and fuel. As a result, it loses its viscosity that lowers its ability to lubricate. This is the reason why your engine components become less efficient.

At Randalls Automotive, we will make oil change hassle free. We bring to you a low-cost solution for your oil change needs. Even if the sticker on your vehicle's windshield from your last oil change is from the previous presidential term, you will be eligible to avail the offer.

Take a look at our oil change special. Contact Randalls Automotive today for your auto and engine repair needs.
Get your 5th oil change for FREE. Contact us for more details.
For your peace of mind, our professionals will work with your insurance company to make things easier for you.
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